What Has Gone BeforeEdit

This section describes some of the major events that occurred in the world of Gaia in the days of yesteryear


Billionaire business mogul Johnny Gambino founded Gaia's largest corporation, G-Corp, with help from his best friend, Edmund. G-Corp first found success with a rapid series of innovations in medicine and electronics, advancing Gaia's technology by leaps and bounds in only a decade. Gambino wanted to push the envelope even further, creating chemical compounds with the power to manipulate life and death; Edmund objected to this reckless science, and retired from his position as chief of research to pursue the quiet life of a shopkeeper. He was replaced by a staff of morally flexible G-Corp LabTechs.

Without Edmund's guidance, G-Corp became notorious for series of catastrophic mad-science mishaps: first the zombie epidemic of 2004, then the Grunny plague of 2005.

Zombie AttacksEdit

During Johnny Gambino's lavish 2004 Halloween party, the secret experiments being conducted in the G-Corp labs beneath his mansion went terribly wrong. Several of his LabTechs were infected with by a mutated strain of the G-Virus, which turned them into flesh-eating zombies. The disease quickly spread to the partygoers, and Gambino issued shotguns to the uninfected to fight the zombie outbreak.

G-Corp's head of security, Bucho, eradicated the zombie menace with a virus-killing superweapon called the Silent Flash; those that survived the explosion were cured of the virus with a mysterious antidote, but Gambino's mansion and the secret G-Corp labs beneath it were obliterated.

The Von Helson FamilyEdit

The Von Helsons are a mysterious and extremely wealthy family of vampires who have held a long rivalry with the Gambino family. Their feud with Gambino stretches back decades, to when Rosalie Von Helson left her husband, family patriarch Vladimir, and married Johnny Gambino; Vladimir later murdered his ex-wife for her betrayal, and Gambino swore to avenge her.

The family's public debut came in early 2005, when their private rivalry with Johnny Gambino boiled over. Due to the recent destruction of the Gambino Mansion, Gaia's lavish anniversary ball was held at the Von Helson Manor and hosted by the Von Helson sisters, the young heiresses who provided the public face for the family empire. Furious that his most hated enemies had taken the spotlight, Gambino sunk all his finances into constructing the Tower of Gambino, a building of ridiculous hubris that stretched miles into the stratosphere. Soon after its completion, Johnny Gambino was shot by a mysterious sniper; as he fell, the building collapsed under its own absurd weight. It toppled straight onto the Von Helson Manor, crushing it and gravely injuring the Von Helson sisters.

Following this bizarre defeat, the Von Helsons laid low for several years; their true nature was revealed in 2007, when the reclusive Vladimir Von Helson emerged with a sinister plot to destroy Johnny Gambino and enslave the Gaian population. His plot was foiled by his own sons: Louie, who had long been groomed as Vladimir's heir, and Damian, who had run away from the family as a child and now lived under an assumed identity-- most Gaians know him as Ian, the bumbling shopkeeper of the Barton Boutique.

The Gambino EventEdit

Following the collapse of the Tower of Gambino, both Johnny and Gino Gambino were missing and presumed dead. Miraculously, Gino was discovered alive on the beach sometime later, unconscious and barely clinging to life. Ian and Sasha worked together to nurse him back to health, and when he had fully recovered, he took over his father's business with surprising vigor. Showing a ruthless side that the world had never seen, Gino continued his father's experiments with the G-Virus and the nature of life and death. A rogue scientist known only as LabTech X brought the research to a crashing halt by unleashing yet another zombie plague.

Gino's newfound ruthlessness extended into his personal life as well; after an argument over Sasha's romantic affections, Gino challenged Ian to a duel to the death on the Barton Cliffs. The duel was interrupted by LabTech X, who appeared out of nowhere and injected Gino with a syringe full of the G-Virus; Gino suddenly burst forth with incredible power. He dragged Labtech X off the cliff, and there was a massive explosion of white light. When the dust had settled, there were two people in the smoldering crater Gino and his father, Johnny Gambino. LabTech X had disappeared.

It was speculated that, during the collapse of the Tower of Gambino, Gino and Johnny had merged into one being; during the bizarre Gambino Event on the Barton Cliffs, they were once again split from each other.

Zurg InvasionEdit

Led to Gaia by the massive blast of energy released during the Gambino Event, an alien race called the Zurg briefly threw our world into turmoil. Their intentions seemed peaceful at first-- they founded a successful energy drink company in collaboration with Johnny Gambino's Red Bino beverage-- but the tasty concoction held a strange secret: when consumed, it would transform the drinker into a Zurg drone.

While many Gaians welcomed the Zurg, others formed an underground resistance group to discover the Zurg's true motives and prevent their colonization efforts. Secret documents recovered by the resistance told of plans to convert the Gaian population to Zurg in order to save us from our own unpredictable emotional tendencies. These very same tendencies, however, spelled the plan's downfall, as a maverick Zurg pilot named 09 fell victim to his own emotions and brought the Zurg's ambitions tumbling down. Today, all that remains of the alien presence are a few scattered Zurg stragglers and a mysterious interplanetary gate in the field northwest of Barton...

Cities of GaiaEdit


Durem's antique architecture and distinctive clock tower give it a classy old-world look, but it's also got a reputation for great nightlife and unmatched coolness thanks to high-profile residents like Moira, Edmund and Natasha. Rumor has it that the path to Durem is blocked by a dangerous obstruction, and Barton's guards are warning citizens not to attempt the journey.


The jagged smokestack skyline and smoggy air make Aekea an inhospitable place to live, but thousands of Gaians visit every day for factory-direct prices on Aekean manufactured goods. As the industrial center of Gaia, it's home to furniture factories and car repair shops. Though with Aekea is currently cut off, rumors are swirling around that the industrial machines there have taken on a life of their own.

Gambino IslandEdit

Home of billionaire Johnny Gambino, the Isle de Gambino is a gorgeous recreation area for the Gaian elite, featuring high-end shops and the world-famous Gold Mountain Casino. Its tourism industry has all but dried up since the rise of the Animated; all transportation to the Isle has been cut off.

Barton TownEdit

Gaia's main population center is known for its friendly people, quaint shops and the dedicated town guards who keep it clean and orderly. Unfortunately, this quiet community has been rattled by the arrival of the Animated. Though the vigilant guards and high walls surrounding the town have kept it safe, the surrounding areas are becoming increasingly dangerous.