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Von Helson Twins
Von Helson Twins
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Dead Man's Pass (B-4)
Type: Quest NPC
Location: Dead Man's Pass (B-4)

Starts Quests:

Kick Out Alastor (Not on the PDA)


  • The twins are named Marie and Anna Corinne. Marie is dressed in red, Anna Corinne is dressed in white
  • The twins have been on Gaia since 2005.
  • They are the half-sibling's of Ian and Louie Von Helson.

    Historical Background

The Von Helson Twins arrived on Gaia Online's second anniversary. They were seen as human women with an ego to match Johnny K. Gambino himself. However, during April Fools of the same year they were crushed in a building collapse and presumed dead. It was 2007 that they made their return to reveal that they had survived the collapse, and as it turns out, were vampires of the Von Helson family.