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This article describes a feature which is either temporarily not available, or has been removed entirely from zOMG!.
The Fountain Game
The Fountain Game

A close up of the fountain in Barton Town (C-2)

Start NPC The sign to the right of the fountain. - Barton Town
Requirements Must have a crew of four
Repeatable Yes

Fountain Game is a speedy memory-based minigame on zOMG, Gaia's MMORPG, found in Barton Town. It requires hitting colored buttons around the fountain in the pattern shown.


  • Similar to the game, "Simon Says," the colored shapes around the fountain will light up in a specific sequence.
  • Your team of four has limited time to repeat the sequence correctly.




  • none.


  • During the X-Mas 2008 event, The Fountain Game is unavailable.
  • If you are caught on a fountain sequence when not being apart of the crew who is playing the game it will result in:

1. A warning that tells you to wait your turn, that gently bumps you off the fountain

~(Warning 1)

2. You will receive some damage and then be bumped off

~(Warning 2)

3. Lastly, if you walk on a fountain sequence even after the first 2 warning you will be logged off the server and have to log back in.

Event ScriptEdit

"A team of four is required to play this game.

To start the game, each of the four people stands on one of the colored buttons. Once all four positions are occupied, the game will start and tell you what to do.

The object of the game is to repeat the pattern of lights shown to you, with each person on your team stepping on their button at the correct time. Enjoy!"