You may want to lower your overall CL (Suppress your CL) in order to obtain drops from lower leveled areas, do CL specific repeatable quests, or even play with friends. This may not be possible though if your ring's CLs are too high. You can solve this by putting a cap on your maximum CL.

How to Edit

To do this, go to the Menu-tab right next to your rage meter, and click on Change Level. Then you either type in the number of the CL you want to suppress to, or use the arrow-buttons.

Once you confirm a level, any effected rings will say "(Capped at [CL])" of the CL you chose in italicized dark gray next to their current charge level. Any instance of your overall CL will also be gray, with a faded circle next to it.

This is a hand wide change - you cannot lower one ring while leaving the rest alone. This will only effect high rings as well. If you select CL 5 and had some 4's equipped at the time of the change, it will leave them alone, not upgrade them to 5.

Because you may have lower level rings on your hand as well, selecting a certain will NOT give you that as an overall CL.

You cannot upgrade rings that are currently capped, though you can upgrade uncapped ones.

How to undo Edit

You have to be in the Null Chamber to un-suppress yourself. Go to the same Menu -> Change Level and then click or type back to CL 10 to un-suppress yourself.

In-game Information Edit

"There are times when you will want to voluntarily suppress your CL so that you can fulfill lower-CL tasks, or just to Crew with players that only have lower-CL rings. This is easily done via Suppression interface.
This utility puts a maximum CL on your current rings. It doesn't change your rings at all but it prevents them from operating at power levels beyond the max that you set.
So if you lower your max ring CL to 3.0, then none of your equipped rings will operate above 3.0."