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Soulbound Icon

When an item is soulbound, it cannot be:

  • Sold in the marketplace
  • Traded to another user
  • Given away as a gift
  • Moved into storage

zOMG items that are soulbound include:

Rings Edit

Rings used to be freely tradeable. The only rings that were soulbound were the first three starter rings, and fitness rings you got from ??? Rings. However, an update changed the system so that all rings received ingame after said update are soulbound.

This change addresses the market depreciation of rings, issues over buying and selling 'skills' and 'levels', and discourages players from using mules for null fragments and quests. It also encourages players to salvage rings for orbs. In addition, Qixter personally stated himself that zOMG! wasn't intended to be a gold-making game by selling rings. There is very little chance of rings being unbound in the future. There is no way to undo soulbinding.

You can still buy and sell rings that were obtained ingame before the update as long as you do not attune it by putting it on ingame

You can resell a soulbound item back to the NPC via your inventory.

Notes Edit