Basically, Salvaging is the term used when you break down a ring to get orbs. Once you salvage a ring, it is destroyed, but you get a few orbs depending on how many orbs have been charged into it.

How to SalvageEdit

  • Head to the nearest Null Chamber.
  • Open up your inventory using the small hand in the middle of your equipped rings.
  • Go to the 'rings' tab.
  • Pick the ring you would like to salvage.
  • Underneath the upgrade button is a button that says salvage. click on it.
  • You will be given a warning mentioning that you will destroy the ring if you do so. If you want to salvage it, click on 'ok'.

Orbs Per CLEdit

Brand new rings (CL1.0) can be salvaged for 1 orb. After this you get slightly more from salvaging rings. You get 1 more orb per 0.2 CL.

CL 1.0 = 1 orb
CL 1.1 = 1 orb
CL 1.2 = 2 orbs