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Ring: Integrity
Description: Honesty isn't always it's own reward. Your integrity has been recognized!

STATS: for CL 1.0-10.0
Health Regen: + 8
Stamina Regen (standing/sitting): + 0.8/3.2
Accuracy: + 30
Dodge: + 30
Willpower: + 30
Weight: + 35
Luck: + 8

Rage RanksEdit

  • This ring is a passive ring. It cannot be used for rage.

How to ObtainEdit

The Integrity ring was only obtainable by those users who did not abuse the ring glitches from June-September 2011. A requirement was that the user had at least one CL10 ring in their inventory that was not obtained illegitimately.


  • The ring has the same buffs as the Fitness Ring, however, the stats are higher
  • This ring is soulbound. It cannot be sold or removed from the player's inventory