Ring: Adrenaline
Ring adrenaline Ring Adrenaline Alt
Range Long


Ring: Adrenaline (Any)
Description: You jump up the nerves of your foe, causing them to jitter and shake, spoiling their ability to Dodge your blows for a time. Higher Rage Ranks also cause damage to your enemy.

STATS: for CL 1.0-10.0
Range: Long
Targets: Enemies Only
Dodge: Debuff scales to
Recharge Duration: Moderate
Debuff Duration: 45 Seconds

Rage Ranks

Stamina Cost: 7 Exclamation
Note: RR1 is a normal attack, no charge

  • RR1:
  • RR2:
  • RR3:
  • RR4:

How to Obtain




  • Requires 7 stamina. Significant dodge debuff. Long range. Moderate recharge duration. (5 seconds) Effect lasts for 45 seconds. Stacks with Keen Aye to increase odds to hit enemy and land a critical hit. The only other ring that decreases enemy dodge is an r3-r4 Taunt.