First things first...yes...we know that "Recruit" is misspelled. It's a pun. You're forming a Crew, right...?

The Recrewt panel is a way for you to find other players to invite into your Crew. It can be accessed in two different ways: Either from the RECREWT button on the PDA, or the "handshake" icon on your Crew List widget.

Click one of those buttons and pull up the RECREWT panel. Then read the rest of this and you'll see how easy it is to use.


This panel lets you see a list of all the players in your game world that are looking to join a Crew. The details of what you see there are described below:

User NamesEdit

This is the list of all players currently looking to join a crew. It is listed in alphabetical order. You can reverse the order by clicking the "User Name" header on that column.


This column shows you the Total Charge values for all the listed players. Total Charge is the amount of orbs that each of those players have collected in-game, so it's a good measure of a player's veteran status. The more orbs that they've collected, the more that they've played the game.

Equipped RingsEdit

Sometimes you'll want to look for someone that has specific rings to add to your Crew. The rings currently equipped by each player are listed next to their name so you can see that information at-a-glance.


This is the relative "conning" level between YOU and the player you're seeing on the Recrewt List. If you're looking for players at about the same Overall Charge Level as yourself, then look for green names.

Con FiltersEdit

It's not always useful to see players that are far above, or far below, your current CL level. If you want to see a shorter list, you can toggle on/off the various conning levels by clicking the color buttons at the top of the RECREWT list.

For example, if you only want to see players that are about your same Overall CL, then unclick the purple, blue, gold, and red buttons (leaving only the green one highlighted) and you'll ONLY see players that are around the same rating as you.

Looking for CrewEdit

You may not always be in the market to join a Crew. If that's the case, then unclick the "Looking for Crew" button at the bottom of the RECREWT panel, and you will no longer show up on the RECREWT lists for other players.

If you later decide to join a Crew, just click that button back on and you'll start being visible to other players again.