Family: Fluff

Pumpkin Fluff

Basically an Air Fluff in a pumpkin costume.

Zone Level Drops Spawns Notes
Barton Town 1.0 (40 HP)
1 A

Village Greens, Bill's Ranch,
Zen Gardens, Bassken Lake,
Gold Beach

Qmark (Qmark HP)
Varies P
A = Aggressive; P = Passive; L = Links; K = Knockback


  • Spawned as one of the possible Tricks of Halloween 2008, 2009, and 2010.
  • A player could only receive the Oh My Gumball as a drop once -- after that, all kills would just result in "pumpkin guts".
  • During Halloween 2010 only:
    • All fluffs (except the ones guarding chests) were changed to Pumpkin Fluffs.
    • One of Halloween Jack's attacks could turn a player into a Pumpkin Fluff. By doing this the player would revert back to normal, but be dazed in the process.


  • The Pumpkin Fluff used to be one of the few fluffs that does not have a plushie version, but a Pumpkin Fluff Plushie was added in Halloween 2010.