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The Old Train Station is no longer accessible in-game.

Connecting Areas Edit

Old Station Full Map

Full Map

Barton Sewers at the SW part

Once the beginning in the Zomg beta, only accessible through the use of a ticket, this place began the story with the player riding an unknown path by Subway to barton town. While on the train, he/she is visited by a man, the only other passenger, who gives them their first ring, Solar Rays. No longer is this the case however.

Involved in Quests Edit

Quest Type Starter Location
Do a Lap! Retired Barry Old Station
Nibbling Gramsters Retired Dani Old Station
Peelungers Retired Dani Old Station
Stop the Train! Retired Frank Old Station
The Mumbler Retired Dani Old Station

NPCs Found Here Edit

Name Location Type
Barry A1