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Null Fragment Null Fragment
Description: Null fragments absorb the same loose lifeforce energy that is used by the Animated. There are a few artisans that found a way to carefully utilize that energy to forge items together, blurring and remolding them into new objects, using less components to build the item.

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Trivia Edit

  • In the closed beta of zOMG, Null Fragments initially cost 1 GC.
  • Later on in the closed beta, and then in open beta, Null Fragments cost 25 GC.
  • In January 2009, due to complaints of Null Fragments being too expensive, the price was reduced to 5 GC.
  • Also in the closed beta, Null Fragments were originally named "G'hi Crystals".
  • Null Fragments are fragments of the crystals in the Null Chamber.
  • Null Fragments are no longer required for recipes. In a similar sense, Null Fragments have been discontinued from the Cash Shop and Back Alley Bargains. Qixter stated he removed them so people "would not hog on to their frags," although some may argue that it gives less incentive to mule.
  • Null Fragments could at one point be exchanged with Nicolae for Orbs or Rings.