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The Null Chamber is an area located probably somewhere underground, and is watched over by Trixie, a Barton Guard who specializes in Null Crystals. The Null Chamber is the point where one returns to when Dazed (after discovering it for the first time), and one cannot be Dazed when inside the Null Chamber. The Null Crystal it self is a bit of a mystery, it seems to repel the animated. And it also acts as the life force for the player.

Connecting Areas Edit



Exits to

The Village Greens at ( F-3 )
Bill's Ranch at ( D-5 )
Zen Gardens at ( B-6 )
Gold Beach at ( B-5 )
Old Aqueduct at ( A-1 )
Bass'ken Lake at ( D-4 )

Involved in Quests/Missions Edit

Quest Type Starter Location
The Null Chamber General Elizabeth The Village Greens - F4
Mission Country Starter Location
[[]] ]

NPCs Found Here Edit

Name Location Type

Mobs Found HereEdit

The Null Chamber contains no monsters.