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Land Shark

Land Shark attacking

Zone Level Drops Spawns Notes
Gold Beach *7.2 (34258 HP) 1 A
A = Aggressive; P = Passive; L = Links; K = Knockback

Notes Edit

  • It's attacks are able to cause Fear. (involuntarily run away)
  • To be able to fight Landshark, your CL has to be of 7.0 or lower.[1]
  • You only see the dorsal fin when the Landshark is roaming around. Sometimes the red enemy marker is the only way to tell where he is.
  • Landshark will leave Gold Beach if he is not defeated in a certain amount of time after spawning. This window of time seems to range from 5 - 10 minutes.
  • Landshark drops pre-made recipe items such as Cat's Eye sunglasses, Tropical Sarong and other beach-related items whose recipes can otherwise be found on normal Animated.[2]
  • It is speculated the triggers are that it pops out when everyone in Gold Beach defeats all enemies within a fivie minute time limit, or that it spawns when there is over-population in Gold Beach.

Trivia Edit

  • A previous glitch involved players receiving dozens of items, rings, and powerups from a single Landshark defeat, and some players continued to gain new items even after logging out of Gaia.
  • In an update from a bit back, Landshark was given the ability to "speak", and now screams "OMNOMNOMNOM!" when he attacks.
  • Toothy is a "baby" Landshark plushie for your avatar, available in the Fluff Box. (originally found within the zOMG! Rumble Box).
  • Although the Landshark is not involved in any specific quests, it is definitely a boss-level monster.
  • The Landshark has been theorized to be based on a creature from a Saturday Night Live sketch bearing the same name. It also shares its name with a kind of drink.
  • According to Qixter, the Landshark is not considered to be an Animated, and is nicknamed "Bruce."[3]
  • In an audio-interview, Qixter revealed the origin of Landshark:
    "Basically it’s a shark that lived near the Gambino event crater and because it lived near that crater it ended up eating a lot of animated and eventually the over abundance of life force turned it from being a regular ol’ shark into what we call Landshark now."[4][5]

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