Setting up Your Own Keys!Edit

Before explaining the default keys, we should mention that ALL of they keystrokes are editable.

  1. Go to MENU.
  2. Pull up OPTIONS.
  3. Go to the CONTROLS tab.
  4. Click on any key entry to select it and then click any key or mouse button to assign it to that key.

Default KeysEdit


Left-mouse *and* WASD *and* the arrow keys. You can use any or all of those to move.

Equipped RingsEdit

1-8 (from left-most ring to right-most)

Target Next Available EnemyEdit

~ (you don't actually have to hit SHIFT to type the key. It's actually the "`" key, but that doesn't show up well, so we call it the "~" key) You can also press the "Q" button to select the next enemy as well.

Target Next Crew MemberEdit

These keys are not currently assigned. If you wish to use them during beta, open OPTIONS and go to the CONTROLS tab to edit them manually. They should work. NOTE: You can also click on the names of your crew members in the Crew List to select them via mouse. (This is an easier way to select an ally that is in the middle of a large group of monsters and is more reliable in low-framerate situations also.)

Power-Up Hot TrayEdit

While not actually a "shortcut", it bears mentioning that you can open your Power-Ups tray by clicking the small red up arrow to the left of your Ring Tray (on the Action Bar). This tray allows you quick access to Power-Ups and makes them easy-to-use in combat situations.

Flash Reserved KeysEdit

There are some useful keys that we'd like to let you use in the game, but they're reserved by Flash, so we just have to avoid using them.

Those keys are: - TAB - F1 - ESC