Start NPC: Any NPC next to a pumpkin - Barton Town
Requirements: Night (GST 6pm-6am)
Badge: Jack O'Smasher, Pumpkin King, I'll Get You Sucka, A Howling Good Time
Repeatable: Yes
Reward: Treats or Tricks (see details).

Walkthrough Edit

Trick or Treat Edit

  • zOMG! event for Halloween 2009.
  • Click on a glowing pumpkin located next to 12 NPCs in Barton Town.
  • May only click on each pumpkin once during a Gaian evening. (GST 6pm-6am) (Approximately every two hours, real-time.)

Mysterious Gateway Edit

  • On all maps (Barton Town being an exception) six portals would appear each night. (GST 6pm-6am)
  • Outside each portal, a small group of either werewolfs or vampires would appear and start attacking both Animated and players.
  • Each portal consists of three rooms. After having killed a set number of enemies in each room, the chest in the room will open, giving everyone a reward.
  • When all three chests have been opened, a Mysterious Gateway will appear, sending you back to the Null Chamber.

Event DescriptionEdit






NPCs with pumpkinsEdit

Mysterious GatewaysEdit





  • During the event, all the NPCs were in costume. Also, Barton Town was decorated with cobwebs, hay, and pumpkins.
  • There were 12 pumpkins to click on per night.

Event Script Edit

Trick or Treat Edit

Walk up to an NPC, click on a pumpkin:


Mysterious Gateway Edit

Clicking the Mysterious Gateway to enter a Nest:

> Powerful energy pulls at your body as you enter the Mysterious Gateway.

When a chest is opened:

> The quiet is almost as nice to hear as the sound the treasure chest makes as it opens!
> Woohoo! 156 Gold!
> You find a Pumpkin Seed!
> And a Pumpkin Lid!
> You find Candy Corn!
> Even 5 Charge Orbs!
> And a recipe to make a little Jackie of your own!
> And a recipe to make your own Werewolf Pup!
> And a recipe to make yourself some spooky Night Fright Eyes!
> Fantastic! A ring too!

After defeating all enemies in all three champers of the Nest:

> The fabric of reality rips and tears, opening a portal to elsewhere...

Clicking the Mysterious Gateway to exit the Nest:

> A powerful force moves you through space...