Start NPC: Any NPC next to a pumpkin - Barton Town
Requirements: Night (GST 6pm-6am)
Badge: Jack O'Smasher, Pumpkin King
Repeatable: Yes
Reward: Treats or Tricks (see details).


  • zOMG! event for Halloween 2008.
  • Click on a glowing pumpkin located next to 12 NPCs in Barton Town.
  • May only click on each pumpkin once during a Gaian evening (GST 6pm-6am). (Approximately every two hours, real-time.)

Event DescriptionEdit


"Click on the pumpkins during the evenings to trick-or-treat. If you're lucky, you will get a treat. If not, be careful of the tricks."


ToT map

Map of pumpkin locations in Barton Town


NPCs with pumpkinsEdit





  • During the event, all the NPCs were in costume. Also, Barton Town was decorated with cobwebs, hay, and pumpkins.
  • There were 12 pumpkins to click on per night.
  • While this is how zOMG handled Halloween in 2008, it is unknown whether the same format will be used in the future.

Event ScriptEdit

Walk up to an NPC, click on a pumpkin:

>NPC: "I choose TREAT!"
> You: "A Power-Up! I got a Power-Up!"
> You: "Wow! A Ring!"
> Exclamation
>NPC: "I choose TRICK!"
> A sudden darkness overwhelms you, and you feel yourself pulled away to... somewhere else! Exclamation
> Exclamation