March 04, 2017

zOMG Will Be Back On March 13, 2017   (Original post.)

zOMG is coming back!

2 years ago there was a security issue with our server software which forced management to shut down the servers. It would take a significant amount of work to upgrade the server software and configure it to work with zOMG, and zOMG was put on an indefinite hold because of that.

Since my return to Gaia two months ago, I've heard many of you sharing your feedback about how passionate you are towards zOMG, as it was the most highly requested feature to fix. Naturally, I had to make it my priority to work on the zOMG server. It wasn't long before I got hold of Swarf, and he helped me understand everything I needed to know to get started. Then after two weeks for learning, debugging, coding, and all-nighters, we were finally able to upgrade the server to a new and secure version.

There are still a lot of work that need to be done. From bug fixes, server testing, to restoring Back Alley Bargains and the exchange. But we're very close and I'm confident that we can restore zOMG for all Gaians by Monday, March 13.

So please mark your calendars, tell all your zOMG buddies, and we'll see you all in zOMG on the 13th!