December 8, 2008

This update took place from 9:30am - 10:30am PST.   (Original post.)


  • Cherry Fluffs have been offensively nerfed a bit.
  • Combat regen removed from the chapter-end boss. Health for the arms and body were increased.
  • Monster healths were increased slightly. Monster damage was reduced slightly. The end result is that combats take a little longer to complete (only a tiny bit longer), but it gives a bit more breathing room to consider other tactics besides smash-smash-smash and it makes crowd control abilities more useful.


  • The Gauntlet is dynamically scaled (and gameplay changed signficantly from the original, depending on the crew size in the encounter).
  • The Hive has been rebalanced so that the dynamic scaling works better with it now.
  • The Throne Room is dynamically scaled (and also plays differently).


  • Katsumi's quest chain has been shuffled around. Her quests are now in the following order: Wish Tree, Uncle Kin, Kat's Doll. This puts the "boss fight" at the end of her chain, which is better gameplay. NOTE: If you are currently doing these quests at the time that we update, your quests will be reset the next time you enter the Shrine room. You might have to redo a quest, but this will prevent you from getting messed-up data from the rearrangement.
  • New repeatable quest added to Bass'ken Lake (received from Ryan).
  • Three new repeatable quests added to Zen Gardens (Katsumi, Arnold, and Trip).


  • Divinity and Healing Halo were improved significantly. Longer durations and better effect.
  • Exhaustion costs for rings were reduced slightly.
  • Rings that do statistic buffs got increased durations under the theory that if the effect lasts longer, more people will be interested in using them. They're a lot more useful now with 2-4 times the duration they used to have.
  • Defensive abilities also got increased durations so that it's more feasible to have a crewmember buffing crewmates...but still able to do something *else* than buffing once in a while.
  • You shouldn't get any more "?" icon rings that don't function.


  • Loot drop rings (rings found as part of monster loot or in chests), as well as rings granted as quest rewards, are now attuned to the user (cannot be traded or sold).
  • Rings that were found previous to this change are NOT attuned...but the first time they are equipped by a player, they will become attuned to that player.
  • Powerups are soulbound now. (They can still be gifted at time of purchase.) [Originally a Wiki Note]

User Interface

  • Clan chat works again!
  • There is now a "/invite" command you use in your Chat Pane that lets you invite people elsewhere on your same world server into your Crew. (Useful when trying to invite folks outside of your zone that don't appear on the crew list.) Format is: /invite <username>
  • The "/r" (reply) functionality is fixed.
  • There is now a "GO" command. (The "G" key.) When you have a target selected, you can hit "G" to move to where that target was located at the time of the key press. NOTE: This is not a finalized feature, but it *does* make it a lot easier to close to within range of a monster if you are using melee rings.
  • The screen elements have been resized now so that monitor resolutions of 1024x768 can keep chat and PDA open while playing. NOTE: This change results in the save config for your window positions being invalid. So the first time you play after this change, you'll need to reposition your windows the way you like them, but the game will remember those settings from then on.

Other Changes/Fixes

  • The values in the new "feast or famine" loot mechanism have been adjusted to provide better drop rates.
  • If you are Dazed, you won't be able to use switches. (Switches are things like chests, the Goof Tee, the sewer valves, etc.)
  • Music volume no longer resets when you zone.

Wiki Notes

  • Brody's repeatable quest, Dug in and Drug Out is now broken [1]. Brody may not talk to you or say you aren't finished when you really are.
  • Drop rate still needs to be adjusted [2]
  • The new default sizing of the windows also addresses users with 1152x864 resolutions - you can almost place the Crew Liit without overlap in addition to the PDA and Chat, but this is a little overlap.
  • Even though the "?" problem was supposed to fixed, it is still possible to get ? rings.
  • Servers your friends are on now show which one they are on (before it was glitchy or broken)
  • Switch servers without having to wait.
  • The Hive may not spawn things [3]. To avoid being trapped in it, stick to the walls for the tentacle-like things to kill you.
  • There have been reports that Kat's Kokeshi Doll may not spawn in some servers even if the presequences are met. There are also reports of several NPCs not talking nor giving quest rewards even if they are completed.
  • There was a large announcement separate from the Game Updates that talked about the new soulbound rules. It got about 1500 posts before it was deleted. I have a a saved version and may post it here after. The original post is at [4]


  • Completed quests now expand/collapse and the original date you completed ones was removed.
  • Current tasks expand/collapse but step details and area will be shown even when collapsed.
  • Keeping the PDA open still increases memory usage (tested several times).


  • All rings now have padlocks on them to indicate they're soulbound, including equipped ones. (Qixter says they will remove this in time)
  • Divinity's recharge time was increased [5]
  • Rage is achieved fast due to rings adding more than slivers to the rage bar.