As with most other games, zOMG! features a Game Options menu, where you are able to change game settings.

Sound Edit

Music Edit

This slider adjusts the volume of the music heard as you journey through the world.

Sound FX Edit

This slider adjusts the volume of the environmental sounds, monster sounds, and user interface sounds heard within the game.

Controls Edit

Main article: Key Shortcuts

This area allows you to change your key- and mouse-bindings within the game. The column on the left indicates all the commands that can be bound to keyboard or mouse inputs.

There are three columns next to each of those commands. Up to three different inputs can be bound to each of the different commands. However, any particular input (like the letter 'E' for example) can only be bound to one input at a time. So if you try to bind 'E' to more than one key, only the most recent binding will stick.

When you are done making changes, be sure to hit the 'SAVE' button to save your changes. If you don't, then any changes you made will be forgotten.

If you have made so many changes that you're confused about the state of your bindings, just click the 'RESET TO DEFAULTS' button to restore all inputs to the default game setup, letting you start your changes again from a safe beginning spot again.

Graphic Options Edit

The game give you the option of running the game in three different grades of graphical quality:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

If you own a slower computer and find that the game is lagging while playing, it's a good idea to try and change the graphics settings to a lower quality.