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Gender: Male
Race: Human
Old Station (on the train)
Type: NPC
Location: Old Station (on the train)

Starts Quests:

Stop the Train! (retired)


Frank is the first NPC you see in zOMG.
Frank is theorized to actually be a Labtech. In the Old Aqueduct, a G-Corp Labtech that looks like him may be spoken to. Though the NPC is only identified as "Labtech", he greets you with "Hello again" and becomes flustered when you notice the "again", insisting that he doesn't know you. Another Labtech named Labtech 123 also appears to be Frank. However, these speculations have yet to be confirmed officially.

Gaia released an item called "SDPlus #39 Frank Doll" which one for the forms of the item is a mini doll form of Frank and another form is of the G-Corp Labtech from the Old Aqueduct (which proves they must be the same person)

Historical Background

Not much is known about Frank, only that he has a fair knowledge of the Animated. You first meet him on a runaway train when you first begin zOMG! He gives information about how to move, use the PDA, and perform quests. When the train becomes a runaway, he instructs you on how to stop it and goes to the back of the train to try to stop the engine. Though he asks you to speak with him after the train stops, he mysteriously vanishes.

Frank was wiped from the training after an update.