Family: Sand Castle Golem

Weak to: <weaknesses>
Strong to: Knockback
Immune to: <immunities>



Zone Level (HP) Drops Spawns Notes
Gold Beach Island

Dynamically Scales

1 K
A = Aggressive; P = Passive; L = Links; K = Knockback


  • Able to slow their targets (footspeed debuff).
  • Duneslam is slightly larger than the other Sand Castle Golems in the area. He also can be noted by the light blue bucket on his head, whereas normal sand castles wear yellow&blue buckets.
  • Spawns on Duneslam Island after defeating several powerful Sand Servants.
  • Duneslam's size has drastically increased.
  • Click on the boat on the shores of Gold Beach to go to the island.
  • It has been confirmed that if instead of suppressing your CL, you take off rings to lower your CL, if you put them back on, you will automatically be ejected from the island (which activates only if you move or get "knock backed")
  • With the new challenge level updates, this quest can be completed much easier. Easy grants your more breaks between waves, and the reward is generally about ten orbs and 100 gold. The rewards get higher for the harder challenge levels


  • The item Aquarium Mini-Monster (First Strike) has a possiblity of spawning a Duneslam along with three other random zOMG! monsters.
  • Originally spawned by the chest below the Null Crystal in Gold Beach.
    • Moved to an instanced island, and replaced with Sandblast.