Do a Lap!
Start NPC Barry - Old Station
Repeatable No
Quest chronology
Previous quest Nibbling Gramsters
Next quest Finding Elizabeth
This quest has been removed from the game.


  • Go to the sewers.
  • Find the valve you need to turn
    • Check your PDA for a red flag for the next valve you need to turn.
    • Valves must be turned in the correct order.
      • 1) Next to the zoning area to Old Station
      • 2) Middle west side, next to 3 peelungers
      • 3) South, slightly west, next to 3 gramsters
      • 4) Middle, off center to the east, dead end area.
      • 5) East, edge of the map
  • Return to Barry.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Barry (Barton Sewers)

Help Barry out by moving counter-clockwise around the Sewers, tightening the overflow valves. (Watch your map for task flags so you know where to find the valves.)

Game ScriptEdit