The Agony of Defeat - "Death" PenaltiesEdit

So...what happens when you are defeated in combat?

Every character has a Health reserve. When your Health goes to zero, you are knocked out (or "Dazed" as we say in-game). When you are Dazed, you can't use any ring skills, but you can move around (slowly).

You can only recover from being Dazed by releasing your life energy to reform within the Null Chamber, or by having an ally use a ring with the Awaken ability on you. (One such ring is the "Ring: Defibrillate".)

Are there any other penalties for being Dazed? Yes. When you first recover from being Dazed, you will only be able to use a couple of your rings (out of eight). The other slots unlock over time as your lifeforce (G'hi) energy recovers from being Dazed.