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How Tough Is That Monster? ('Conning')Edit

So, you're wandering through the areas around Barton Town. Sometimes you find easy monsters, and sometimes you find extremely tough monsters. Is there any way for you to tell how tough a monster is before stepping up to it and getting whacked?

There sure is. This is typically called 'conning' (which is short for 'considering the monster'), which is a method of letting you take a look at a monster and determining how tough it is in relation to your current capabilities.

In zOMG!, the way we show you this is through the Target Info window. Whenever you select a target, its image, name, and health bar are shown in this window. The name of that monster is color-coded to let you see that comparative strength.

The colors are in the same order of a prism/rainbow, to make it easier to remember them: Purple = no challenge Blue = you'll usually win...typically only dangerous in groups Green = about your strength...a one-on-one battle should be pretty fair odds Orange = tougher than you...a friend or two to help you wouldn't hurt Red = extremely challenging

How to "Con" monstersEdit

The color you speak of is all relative to your current Overall Charge Level. If you are at overall CL 6.0, then a OMG at Dead Man's Pass will be purple. However, if you are at overall CL 1.0, the OMG will be red.

Basically from what I've looked at so far by conning other players. Purple con is -1.5 CL or lower than you, Blue con ranges from -1.4~.5 CL lower than you, Green con ranges from -.5 to +.4 around you, Orange con is +.5~1.5 higher than you, and Red con is +1.6 or more higher than you.

This is just my observations on conning, I haven't looked too much into yet.

1.6 or higher Red
1.5 Orange
1.4 Orange
1.3 Orange
1.2 Orange
1.1 Orange
1.0 Orange
0.9 Orange
0.8 Orange
0.7 Orange
0.6 Orange
0.5 Orange
0.4 Green
0.3 Green
0.2 Green
0.1 Green
0.0 Green
0.1 (negative) Green
0.2 (negative) Green
0.3 (negative) Green
0.4 (negative) Green
0.5 (negative) Green
0.6 (negative) Blue
0.7 (negative) Blue
0.8 (negative) Blue
0.9 (negative) Blue
1.0 (negative) Blue
1.1 (negative) Blue
1.2 (negative) Blue
1.3 (negative) Blue
1.4 (negative) Blue
1.5 or lower (negative) Purple