Rough page, but lists all locations of known chests, crates, boxes, etc.

These Locations Have NoneEdit

  • Barton Town
  • The Village Greens
  • Bill's Ranch
  • Ninja Meadow
  • Bass'ken Lake
  • Old Aqueduct
  • Otami Cliffs
  • The Throne Room
  • Hive World
  • She Wolf Den
  • Saw Mill
  • Duneslam's Island
  • Kokeshi Grove
  • Buccaneer Boardwalk Full

Village TrainingEdit

  • B1/Chest: No guard. Needed to complete tutorial, contains a CL 1.0 Guns, guns, guns ring

Barton SewersEdit

  • A2/Chest: Guarded by The Mumbler, contains a random healing or self/self and others buff ring. Only able to get it once. NOTE: After updates to the tutorial this chest is no longer available
  • A4/Chest: Guarded by an Alpha Gram and 3-9 Gramsters.
  • B5/Chest: Guarded by an Alpha Gram and 3-6 Gramsters

Dead Man's PassEdit

  • C4/Crate: Guarded by Clutches.

Zen GardensEdit

  • A1/Crate: Guarded by Taiko Drums.
  • B3/Crate: Guarded by Ghost Lanterns and Taiko Drums.
  • E1/Tongue Basket: Guarded by Taiko Drums

Buccaneer BoardwalkEdit

  • 1C/Chest: Guarded by Anchor Bugs.

Gold BeachEdit

  • B7/Chest: Guarded by Sand Castle Golems, where the Duneslam spawns
  • C2/Chest: Guarded by Anchor Bugs.
  • C10/Crate: Guarded by Sand Fluffs.
  • D6/Crate: Guarded by Anchor Bugs.
  • D10/Chest: Guarded by Anchor Bugs.

Otami RuinsEdit

  • A10/Crate: Not Guarded by anything, but many Tiny Terrors lead up to it, however they won't follow you to the crate. Discovery unlocks the Jungle Treasure badge.
  • C5/Crate: Guarded by Bladed Vases and Tiny Terrors.
  • D8/Chest: Guarded by Tiny Terrors, Bladed Vases, and Masks of Death and Rebirth.
  • E4/Tongue Basket: Guarded by Tiny Terrors, Tiny Witch Doctors, Feathered Coatl.
  • F1/Chest: Guarded by Tiny Witch Doctor, Tiny Terrors.
  • F2/Crate: Guarded by Tiny Witch Doctor, Tiny Terrors.
  • G4/Tongue Basket: Guarded by Tiny Terrors and Tiny Witch Doctors.

Shallow SeaEdit

  • A7/Chest: Guarded by Barnacle Fluffs
  • D8/Chest: Must defeat Barnacle Fluffs spawned by opening chest
  • E4/Chests (3): guarded by Sea Anchor Bugs, Brain Clams and patrols.

Undersea LedgeEdit

  • B3/Crates (2): Guarded by Brain Clams and a single Barnacle Fluff
  • E3/Chest: Sea Anchor Bugs
  • F1/Chest: Not guarded.
  • F4/Locker: Guarded by Grunny Subs and Grunny Sub Commanders, requires Numeric Passkey from leader.