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Chests are objects scattered around various maps which grant rewards when clicked.  Their looks may vary; other visual representations include crates, baskets, and lockers.  Once opened, a chest takes time to respawn.

A list of Chest Locations is available.

Normal chests Edit

Drops Edit

Special chests Edit

Halloween 2009 Edit

During the Halloween 2009 event chests were located in Under Mountain. These special event chests only opened when all enemies in each room were defeated.

Like with normal chests, the player would have a chance of being granted Gold, Orbs, rings, and materials.

However, the chests would only give out event related materials, being:

Furthermore, the player would have a chance of getting one of three event recipes as well:

Notes Edit

  • Chests have a maximum CL limit based on what area they are located in.  Anybody above this CL cannot open the chest.
  • Previously, they were TC based.