There is a short list of character statistics for each player in the game. These "stats" include:

  • Accuracy: Basically, how accurate are your attacks?
  • Dodge: Can you avoid incoming attacks? This stat defines that ability.
  • Willpower: Are you a victim of "crowd control" abilities (like sleep or root)? If so, this is the stat that helps you resist those attacks.
  • Speed: Basically, this is how fast you move.
  • Weight: Increased weight helps you resist knockback.
  • Health: If this goes to zero...then you're Dazed. So keep this up nice and high.
  • Health Regeneration: This is how fast you recover health when Kneeling.
  • Stamina Regeneration: If you stand still (not doing anything), you'll slowly regain Stamina. Kneeling regains it even more quickly.

When you wear your rings, the lifeforce ("G'hi") energy within those rings becomes bound to your body and spirit. The more powerful your rings are, the higher your base statistics become. If you keep all your rings at a similar power rating (Charge Level), then you will maximize your stat bonuses. If some of your rings lag behind, then they drag those bonuses back also.

Visible Stats Edit

There are a total of visible 7 stats for a player character. These are listed under the "Character Info" when you select a player character.

  • Accuracy
  • Dodge
  • Willpower
  • Speed
  • Weight
  • Max Health
  • Regeneration
  • Luck
  • Stamina Regeneration

Calculations Edit

Some stats scale with your Overall Charge level (CL). In the table below is a list of what stats scale and by how much (note that this is the base, Ghi bonuses and buff will increase these).

Stats Scaling
Accuracy 50*CL
Dodge 50*CL
Willpower 50*CL
Max Health 100*CL
Health Regeneration 3*CL