As players play through the world, they will find many treasures and items of value. Some of those items are special rings that can be worn to give the wearer unusual powers. These powers can include anything from moving a little faster, being a bit luckier or healing faster, to more extreme examples, such as creating self-animated swords that fight for you, projecting movable force fields around allies, to even crazier things like wrapping an opponent in duct tape or throwing an angry hornet's nest like a grenade.

Players can easily shuffle their character abilities around after receiving them by simply taking the rings off and wearing different ones. This flexibility of character skill sets makes for a very convenient and fun advancement system for your character.

Shortly after the animated start to appear, the citizens of Barton Town are handed rings from what they believe to be G-Corp. However, it later turns out that it's another group entirely which has released the rings; NeXuS.[1]

Rings used to be tradeable/sellable, but on December 8th, 2008, they became soulbound. After Zomg! was taken down due to a security glitch rings were briefly made tradeable/sellable again and when the game was brought back they were soulbound again.

NOTE: You can only take off and change rings in the Null Chamber, but you can put on rings in empty slots at any time. You can switch rings you're wearing to the ring slot of another ring you're wearing, however this will reset your health to what it would be if you had no G'hi. (This is one of the easiest ways to gain Rage, if you have a healing ring such as Diagnose or Bandage.)

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