Fluffs are the most common enemy in the game, and are a family with diverse members. Although each take the "element" of whatever they spawn from or wherever they live, all have two traits in common: they are not primarily aggressive, and they are very cute.

Physically, all fluffs share the same body type and eyes (with a few exceptions). Almost every fluff has a "crest" that symbolizes their "element". Some fluffs may share the same appearance, but have different stats and abilities. One thing all fluffs have in common - if one is attacked, it will respond and others in the area will follow as backup.

There are various members of the family, each unique in their own way.

Air Fluff
Air Fluffs, sometimes called simply Fluffs, are found in Bill's Ranch. They are the iconic Fluffs of the family, with the standard "puffing air" attack. The Pumpkin Fluffs of Halloween 2008 were basically an Air Fluff in a pumpkin costume.
Goof Greens Fluff
Grass-type Fluffs come in several physically identical varieties. Goof Greens Fluffs are found in Village Greens, usually around the Goof course, and are the weakest Fluffs in the family. Grass Fluffs are found at Bass'ken Lake and are stronger and more powerful than their Greens counterpart. The Mother Fluff and her Mother Fluff Guards are also found at the Lake. They are distinguished by their even higher level. The Mother Fluff is exceptionally large and strong, and has the ability to speak.
Sand Fluff
Sandtrap Fluff
Sand-type Fluffs also have physically similar but characteristically different varieties. Sand Trap Fluffs are found in Village Greens, spawning in the sandtraps of the Goof course. Sand Fluffs, located in Gold Beach, are much stronger than their Village Greens counterpart. They have the ability to use Quicksand on an attacker, freezing you in place.
Cherry Fluff
Cherry Fluffs, or Sakura Fluffs (according to their Plushie form; sakura being Japanese for "cherry blossom"), are found in Zen Gardens and are both different and dangerous in one trait: if you attack them, they will get close to you and detonate. As other Cherry Fluffs around them will follow their lead, if you're a low CL you can be completely wiped out or lose a good chunk of your HP.
Carrion Flower Fluff
Carrion Flower Fluffs are found at Bass'ken Lake. For a Fluff, they have very unusual eyes, bloodshot and baggy like a drug abuser (or otherwise ill person). Carrion Fluffs used to only spawn when a Mother Fluff is in the area, but now spawn by hitting Trash Cans.
  • Color: Pale, sickly green. Eyes: Red, with dark circles . Crest: Carrion flower. Plushie: None.
Barnacle Fluff
Barnacle Fluffs are found in the Shallow Sea. Unlike other Fluffs, they move much quicker and can cause a group of attacking Fluffs much quicker.
  • Color: Orange. Eyes: Dark orange. Crest: Coral, barnacles, and a fish. Plushie: Coral Fluff Plushie.
The last two Fluffs are not exactly members of the family (as yet), but rather recipes received after beating the endboss in the Sealab Compound. Still, they have the same basic characteristics of other Fluffs.
Crystal Fluff Plushie
Recipe: Crystal Fluff Plushie. If the Crystal Fluff did exist, would the null chamber crystals in its body make it repel itself?
Null Fluff Plushie
Recipe: Null Fluff Plushie. The Null Fluff stands out from the crowd with its serious and humanoid face. Perhaps a shout out to the art style of Hokuto no Ken? Or perhaps somehow it was more strongly influenced by whatever created the Animated...

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