Family: Fluff

Carrion Flower Fluff

Carrion Flower Fluff

Zone Level (HP) Drops Spawns Notes
Bass'ken Lake
  • 4.0 (380 HP)
  • 4.2 (399 HP)
  • 4.3 (409 HP)
  • 4.4 (418 HP)
Qmark A
A = Aggressive; P = Passive; L = Links; K = Knockback


  • They are able to slow down the footspeed of targets.
  • Carrion Flower Fluffs used to be spawned by the Mother Fluff, but they are now spawned by hitting the garbage cans scattered around Bass'ken Lake southeastern area. This was meant to address the issue of higher level players killing the Mother Fluff when it comes to Fluff Charm School
  • They are usually found east of the Null Chamber, in the same location as Grass Fluffs.
  • CF Fluffs do not count as Grass Fluff kills for Logan's Fluffs Ya Puff quest. Please check what you are targeting before you attack. They do, however, count for the Fluff Charm School repeatable quest.
  • They have the most unusual eyes for the Fluff family of monsters, red with dark circles like the eyes of someone very ill (or hungover).


  • Carrion flowers have a smell like rotting flesh, so the reason for the CF Fluff's appearance could be that it is sick or getting sick of its crest's own smell. (Or potentially in the case where rotting flesh is normally involved, it is a zombie variant of fluff.)
  • The Carrion Flower Fluff is one of the few fluffs that does not have a plushie version.
  • Occasionally, when a Carrion Flower Fluff spawns, it may or may not swear. This complements the fluffs grumpy appearance.