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Boardwalk full

Connecting Areas Edit

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Buccaneer Boardwalk at C-8, F-6
Ferry at A-1
Ferris Wheel at E-1
Ship at F-1

Involved in Events Edit


Mobs Found Here Edit

Name Level Drops Family Spawns Notes
Anchor Bug
10.5 (830 HP) Sailor Ink Sailor Ink
Brass Brass
Forum Badge (QA) Recipe: Forum Badge (QA)
Sailor's Anchor Tattoo Recipe: Sailor's Anchor Tattoo
Anchor Bug 76 L
Sand Fluff
10.5 (662 HP) Glass Glass
Synthetic Fiber Synthetic Fiber
Sand Fluff Plushie Recipe: Sand Fluff Plushie
Sun Block Recipe: Sun Block
Fluff 28 L
Sand Castle Golem
10.5 (872 HP) Seashell Seashell
Gold Gold
Shell Collection Recipe: Shell Collection
Cat's Eye Sunglasses Recipe: Cat's Eye Sunglasses
Sand Castle Golem 23 K
11.0 (52338 HP) Shark Tooth Shark Tooth
Surfboard Fin Surfboard Fin
null 1 A, K
A = Aggressive; P = Passive; L = Links; K = Knockback

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References Edit

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