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The Pirates of the Shallow Sea are starting a supposedly legitimate business venture here at the old Gambino docks, renovating the area into an amusement boardwalk. The ferry running from here to Gambino Island has been shut down during the construction.

Connecting Areas

A-1A-2B-1B-2C-1C-2D-1D-2E-1E-2Buccaneer Boardwalk Full Map
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Bass'ken Lake at ( South, D-2 )
Gold Beach at ( West, A-1 & A-2 )
Buccaneer Boardwalk Full at B-2 & E-1

Involved in Events

Quest Type Starter Location
KiKidnapped! Random Mini-Event Butterfingers Bart Entire Map

NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Bob (D-2) Daily Chance NPC; Tourist
Ted (E-2) Tourist
Butterfingers Bart (E-1)

Mobs Found Here

Name Level Drops Family Spawns Notes
Anchor Bug
5.2 Sailor Ink Sailor Ink
Brass Brass
Anchor Bug A, L
A = Aggressive; P = Passive; L = Links; K = Knockback