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Barton Coliseum interior

"It'll be used for many purposes including similar gameplay as the "Hive World" (hopefully, also a place for pvp in the future)."
-- [ JK ][1]

Connecting Areas Edit



Barton Town

Involved in Quests Edit

  • None

Mobs Found Here Edit


  1. Round One - Night Fright x1
  2. Round Two - Night Fright x2
  3. Round Three - Night Fright x3
  4. Round Four - Big Dog
  5. Rounds Five and above - Unknown

Other MobsEdit

Badges Edit

See Badges/Barton Coliseum for more information

Survival Trails

  • Bronze Survival
  • Silver Survival
  • Gold Survival

Protection Trails

  • Bronze Protection
  • Silver Protection
  • Gold Protection

Time Trails

  • Bronze Time
  • Silver Time
  • Gold Time

Hard Trails

  • Bronze Lawn Mower
  • Silver Lawn Mower
  • Gold Lawn Mower

Notes Edit

  • As of update S47828, the original arena in Barton Town was replaced with the Coliseum.
    Sound effects were added outside the building, to make it sound like they were still working on it.
  • A raffle was held, where 35 players could win the opportunity to have their avatars be part of the crowd in the Coliseum. 1142 names were submitted.[2]

References Edit

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