Badges by Region
  • As you journey around the world of zOMG!, you may earn badges. Badges are accumulated for lots of reasons. You can get a badge for being a supreme destroyer of a particular type of monster, for exploring various parts of the world, for getting great (or lousy) scores in mini-games, and more!
  • Badges can be displayed on your Profile page (for bragging rights) if you use Current-style profiles. Also, your favorite badge can be chosen so that it shows on your Character Info window within the game, so that everyone else can see your favorite accomplishment. (Not implemented yet.)
  • Your progress on badges can now be tracked by going to the "My Gaia" drop down, scroll over "Quests", and by clicking "Badges".

List of Badges by Region[edit | edit source]

Area Badges
Events 16
Barton Sewers 2
Barton Town 3
Barton Coliseum 12
The Village Greens 18
Bill's Ranch 13
Dead Man's Pass 12
Zen Gardens 16
Bass'ken Lake 18
Buccaneer Boardwalk1 3
Gold Beach1 13
Old Aqueduct 6
Hive World 9
Otami Ruins 18
Shallow Sea 10
Undersea Ledge 4
Sealab Compound 4
  • 1 The Anchor Bug badges are counted under Buccaneer Boardwalk, not Gold Beach, in this table.
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