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This is my avatar on Gaia.
Vital statistics
Title My avatar
Gender M/F
Race Human (By Default)
Faction Variable
Health 100 (zOMG Health, Default)
Level 1.0 (zOMG Level, Default)
Status Friendly
Location Gaia Towns (You populate Gaia)

Your avatar is basically your character in Gaia and zOMG! You can equip over a million things on it. It represents you and your personality (Sometimes). it is the main feature of Gaia. It shows up everywhere you go, wether it be fishing or zOMG.

Each user who visits Gaia is required to have one. It's free to play and fully customizable. You can buy items, clothing, and even change your race from human to vampire or whatever your imagination allows. You gain gold through various games, including zOMG!


Over time, the graphical quality of avatars has increased. There are new items everyday (usualy) to equip on your avatar.

You play your avatar in zOMG, you are the main hero/heroine of the story. You are trusted to defend Gaia and goes on an epic journey along with millions of other players like you in a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game (MMORPG or MMO).

You decide when you want to complete quests and mini-games in a real-time battle system.

Will you be the next hero/heroine of Gaia? You decide when you play this game.


It is the main feature of gaia. They are basically the "People" of Gaia. You can do almost anything with it, from turning it into a frog to turning it into a dark wraith.


You wouldn't want to defeat your poor avatar, now would you?



The word 'Gaia' is the greek term for the Goddess of Earth.

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