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The Animated are a "race" of beings that appear in zOMG.

Once, inanimate objects, or simple parts of the natural world like sand and water. But by some unknown means, they were infused with G'hi Energy, the very essence of life force, and came to life. Animated are often hostile, and one thing is for sure: they want the Naturals dead.

Each Animated is unique and has different properties, fighting styles, and spawning areas. Some have a large family like species chain, like the Fluff family; others are one of a kind.

There are theories that each Animated family owes its existence to a single infused inanimate object. For example, Kat's Kokeshi Doll, Zen Gardens, is considered the "mother" of the other Kokeshi Dolls, and the Mother Fluff, Bassken Lake, can even be seen reproducing Grass and Carrion Flower Fluffs. However, some Animated families appear to be all exactly alike with no known "parent".

Non-Animated EnemiesEdit

While most of the enemies you fight in zOMG are Animated, some are not.

Gramsters, for example, do not count as Animated because they are hamsters infected with the G-Virus in a manner similar to the Grunny. Predator Prairie Pups are also not Animated, just very confused aliens.

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